Related RSS Plugin

Related RSS Plugin

Related RSS Plugin Related RSS Plugin - RSS Plugin That Increases Your Traffic

With RRSS, you’ll get:

Unique and totally customizable RSS feeds on each page
More focused and relevant RSS feeds on each page
Site-targeted RSS feeds when your page-targeted feeds don’t have content.
The ability to open RSS feed links in new windows
The ability to control the character length of feed content
Customize your widget title based on keyword tags
Use Custom fields to easily add custom feeds to pages!
Don’t want feeds on specific pages?… Use our exclude ID feature.
Make Your RSS Feed Links No-Follow!


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"Just purchased! Seamlessly adds juicy content to my blogs. The offer of the traffic site membership may just be too good to pass up as well! When do you forecast raising the price on that? Thanks for a very sweet plugin and with your accolades I have to say you are living up to the reputation I've read about! Doesn't appear to be conflicting with my auto blog plugins either, another plus! Good job. Hope the rest here see this is not a typical "cheap" plugin, it's quality!"
Celest Mark